Sports Events

The Monterey Beach Open
Two-person Volleyball Tournament

Saturday and Sunday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Del Monte Beach, Monterey
Monterey’s newest and best beach volleyball tournament features 8 professional courts between the Del Monte Beach House and the water. Pool play is in the morning, and the single elimination playoff bracket is in the afternoon.

Registration & More Information:
Please visit www.montereybeachopen.com for more information.

Check out great beach volleyball photos and aerial video from the 3rd Annual Monterey Beach Open this August

Open-water Swims

Adjacent to Wharf #2, Monterey

Swims 2015
0.5 Mile Swim Map – Click to enlarge!

SportsFest swim events include .5-mile, 1-mile and 2.5-mile swims beginning and ending along Wharf #2. All events are timed, have full kayak and boat support, and include all age groups.
The longer swims are NOT for novices. Wetsuits are recommended (but not required) as the temperature will be in the mid 50’s.
ADVANCED SWIMMERS can sign up for the Bruckner Chase Challenge, combining all three distances! Bruckner Chase is an internationally known open water swimmer whose credits include swimming across Monterey Bay and dozens of long distance swims throughout the world.

Register for swims here

The Ikaika Beach Challenge

Ikaika Full and Mini 2015
Ikaika Full & Mini Map – Click to enlarge!

Ikaika Mini (short), Ikaika Full (long) & Ikaika Full Relay

Del Monte Beach

The Ikaika Challenge is a competition for the Ultimate Warrior!!!
Ikaika (pronounced ee-KY-kah) means “Strong” or “Strength” in the Hawaiian language. The Ikaika Beach Challenge represents just that! The Ikaika Beach Challenge is a combination swim, strength and run event taking place entirely along the shoreline of Del Monte Beach. The short course starts with an out and back 250-yard swim from Del Monte Beach, continues with a series of 50 squats, 1/2 mile beach run, 50 push-ups, 1/2 mile beach run, and 50 crunches.  The long course starts with a 450-yard swim out and back, continues with a series of 50 squats, 1 mile beach run, 50 push ups, 1 mile beach run, and finishes with 50 crunches.  All runs are out and back.

The 2-3 person Ikaika Relay allows for athletes to compete in individual disciplines — swim, strength or run.

Course updates coming soon.
Read the Ikaika Challenge rules HERE.

Ikaika Challenge Course

Register for the Ikaika Challenge here


Swim Maps
Waterman Challenge Map – Click to enlarge!

The Waterman Challenge is an event that tests swimming, prone paddle boarding, and stand up paddle boarding. The Waterman Challenge will consist of 3 loops starting with loop 1 – the swim, loop 2 – SUP, and loop 3 prone paddling. This event is open to individuals and relays of 2-3 people.

Register for the Waterman Challenge



SUP Paddle Board Race 2 and 6 mile course

There will be two categories: SUP unlimited and SUP surfboard. Both courses will be out and back.

Course updates coming soon.

Register for SUP events here


Del Monte Beach


400 yard dash for kids along Del Monte Beach
Register for Kid’s Beach Dash here

The Healthy People, Healthy Oceans Expo

The Monterey Beach SportFest celebrates an ocean-friendly lifestyle and recognizes the many key non-profit groups that work toward making our oceans enjoyable for all. Join us at the HEALTHY PEOPLE, HEALTHY OCEANS EXPO to learn from (human) wellness experts as well as leaders from ocean-related group.

Previous expo vendors included the Monterey Bay Sanctuary Foundation, the Wahine Project, Reef Check, Peninsula Pilates Project and many others.

Find out more about the expo here

Thank you to our 2016 Sponsors!

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