Sports Events

Monterey Beach SportsFest Events


4-Person Co-ed Beach Volleyball Tournament (2 women and 2 men)

.25 Mile, .5-Mile, 1-Mile And 2.5-Mile Open-Water Swims (Saturday)

Monterey Bay Swim Challenge – Combination of all 3 distances (.5-Mile, 1-Mile And 2.5-Mile Open-Water Swims) (Saturday)

Monterey Bay Swim Challenge Plus – Combination of all 4 distances (.25- Mile, .5- Mile, 1-Mile, and 2.5-Mile Open-Water Swims) (Saturday)

Stand Up Paddle and Prone Paddle Race 2 mile and 6 mile – Stock and Surfboard (Sunday)

Waterman Challenge and Relay – .5 Mile Swim, .5 Mile SUP, .5 Mile Prone (Sunday)

Waterman Challenge Super – 1.0 Mile Swim, 1.0 Mile SUP, 1.0 Mile Prone (Sunday)

Ikaika Tire Flipping, Push-up, or Pull-up Contest Individual or Combination of all 3 events (Saturday)

Monterey Beach SportsFest Strongman Keg and Strength – Teams of 3-4 compete with sand running and strength events completing with tire flipping finale (Saturday)

Outrigger demonstrations and public recreation paddle (Saturday)

FREE Movie Night on the beach Saturday 8/22!!!


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